About Us

Founded in 2018, Rof Entertainment is a Nigerian based entertainment firm whose operation cuts across various fields of entertainment such as:-

Talent Agent: A talent agent, finds jobs for actors, musicians, models, and other professionals in various entertainment businesses. We promote Talents and their contents to Fashion brands, Record Labels, Cinematograhers and lots more for possible job offers or Endorsement.

As Talent Agent we are also responsible for the business part of your career.

Career guidance: This is one out of many jobs carried out by a Talent Manager. We offer career guidance in form of advice on Talents professional career. What and what not to do, Time to do, and How to do in acheiving success in Talents career.

We also engage in other entertainment activities such as Event Planning, musical contest etc.

Our Goal is to help in promoting relevant Entertainment activities to wider audience, and also help promote Talents and their craft to a wider audience giving them the opportunity to make a living off their craft.


9jaflaver Media

Rof Entertainment is currently sponsored by one of the biggest online entertainment brand in Nigeria and Africa at Large. Providing several benefits to Talents under Rof Entertainment Agency. Such benefits include: discount in Talent’s content promotion, quick publication of free beats by producers, and lots more.

Drip Anklyn

Drip Anklyn, focused in the design of foot wears and Clothing, is a newly established Fashion and Clothing Line in Nigeria sponsoring Rof Entertainment Agency. Drip Anklyn will provide selected Talents of her choice, registered under Rof Entertainment Agent/Mgt with either of her foot wear or clothings worth over, or almost the same fee paid by Talent as agency fee.

How Do We Promote Talents

On our platform, through our category listing, a specific number of different talents (models, artistes, djs, producers etc.) profiles are created and displayed according to their state of residence to reduce high competitive risk to talents, and enable clients with need of such talent’s services in same location reach them easily.

The profile contains artiste few personal info and contents odlf talents for review by clients or visitors of the Platform.

These categories and profiles of listed talents are then advertised via popular platforms to potential Clients (record labels, video directors, fashion brands, photographers, show promoters etc.) who might need their services.

Benefits You Get Making Us Your Agent/Mgt

  • Since there is a stipulated amount of talents to be listed in a particular category, you enjoy low risk of competition with more talent of same kind.
  • Once you make us your agent/mgt you enjoy a one(1) year display of profile in your required talent category listing. This mean you enjoy 1 year visibility on our monthly advertisement plan, reaching to more people and creating a wider income opportunity depending on the market.
  • Being Listed in any category in your state of residence, proves you to be one of the best or top in what you do. This commands respect and create room for more jobs or endorsement opportunities to you. (Note: Before we accept to be your agent, we go through your previous content to see if you meet standard. You must be good at what you do.)
  • As a Talent under Rof Entertainment Agent/Mgt, Through the help of her Partner 9jaflaver.com, You get 50% discount on all content you will be promoting on 9jaflaver.
  • You stand a chance to get a free Video/Photo shoot for your content when it makes wave.
  • You stand a chance to be featured on a single with a bigger Star through our THE MERGE initiative.
  • As a Producer, your free beats are easily uploaded on 9jaflaver as the Agent have a direct link with them.


Rof Entertainment is in partnership with one of the biggest online Entertainment brand across Nigeria and Africa at large “9jaflaver”. And other brands by name: Hublud and Openxus.

Office Space
Rof Entertainment operates a virtual office space. Workers can work from home or any location or book a meeting with a client or Talent at a reserved location, or online.